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NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) The classic B&W shocker that set the standard for all future zombie flicks. I'm sure most of you have seen it. Here are a few choice pics to remind you to see it again.


Brotherly love. Crazy daughter zombie.

SUSPIRIA (1978)The classic Italian horror film from Dario Argento (and also the inspiration for the name of this page). So, if you haven't seen any of Argento's stuff....start here. Other films of his to look into... TENEBRAE and DEEP RED and OPERA.


Here are a few horror movie pics that didn't seem to fit into any special category. I wanted to include them anyway. 'Cause I just like them. So, if any of you out there are horror buffs, maybe you could make your best guess as to what movies they came from. E-mail me your responses. :) Click and drag next to each picture for the answers.

The Fly...Freaks...Spasms...Psycho...Deadly Spawn



The link to answers is hidden on this page.... have fun guessing!

1. A troup of actors decides it might be fun to dig up a corpse and drag it around with them, name it, and tell bad jokes. Of course, the corpse's buried neighbors don't take kindly to this mistreatment and decide to eat the actors.

2. Poor Ezra Cobb. His mother just died and now he's stuck all alone in his cold, empty farmhouse. No problem for Ezra. He just digs mom back up, stuffs her, and kidnaps some "friends" to keep her company.

3. A quiet, pretty manicurist has some time alone in her apartment, since her sister is away on vacation. Our heroine promptly goes nuts. She leaves a rabbit carcass on the kitchen counter to rot away. She kills the lecherous landlord with a razor. She thinks hands are reaching out from the walls to grab her. She's not having fun.

4. A man is having some problems with his cable. It seems he is picking up a channel that appears to show actual torture and murder. If that weren't bad enough...the signal is causing him to have really really disturbing hallucinations. For example...he can pull a gun out of a slit in the middle of his stomach. Ouch!

5. Some tourists passing through a sleepy, little southern town get a nasty surprise. It seems that, just like Brigadoon, every so often a bunch of Southerners from the civil war take out all of their pent-up anger on hapless Northerners. Don't get on the barrel ride.

6. A young man is not happy when a dashing vampire moves in next door. His friends won't believe him. The local horror-tv host won't believe him. Matters don't get any better when his girlfriend becomes the target of the vampire.

7. This wacky family all have the misfortune of carrying a degenerative, hereditary disease. You see, as time goes on...they become cannibals. Lon Chaney Jr's last role. He goes out in wierd wierd style!

8. A young woman is having strange telepathic visions while she visits her uncle. It seems the severed head that he is keeping alive in the basement is trying to contact her. For some reason, she isn't able to contact the severed arms and legs that are wired into the walls. Hmmmmm. I guess her Nazi uncle better go back to the drawing board.

9. A confused young man thinks he is a vampire. He may be right. At least his uncle believes him. The problem is...this young man needs to use razor blades and syringes to get his blood.

10. What are you supposed to do when you accidentally decapitate your girlfriend? Why, that's an easy one. You invent a new form of crack that causes prostitutes to explode. Then you attach their body parts to your girlfriend's head and.... Shazam! Good as new.