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This page is dedicated to one of my favorite bands...QUASI! I only have pics and sound-clips from their last 2 cd's, because I don't own their first one. Oh well, this should still give you an idea of what makes them so great. Quasi consists of SAM COOMES (keyboards, guitar, lead vocals) and JANET WEISS (drums and backing vocals). You may recognize both of these fine musicians from other bands. Sam was in Heatmiser. Janet is still a member of Sleater Kinney. Quasi recently toured with Elliott Smith and also acted as his back-up band. They also just happen to be ex-husband and wife!! You still aren't interested??? What's wrong with you? Read on to see and hear more of Quasi.


Two Hounds       Hairs
Superficial       The Egg
Birds are Bells       Rumpy
Lump of Coal       Digital Delay
Time Flies By       Mammon
Gaping Holes       Reverse Coagulation
Hui Neng       Op. 7
..............................Homunculus       Pay Me Now, or Pay Me Later
Monkey,Mirror       Unspeakable Thing
        Deep Sleep


This is a fantastic album, of course. It comes close to capturing the sound they create live.... lot's of noisy keyboard... cool back-beat drumming by Janet, and nothing but awesome, depressing pop songs throughout. Highlighted song titles are clickable song clips. They are fairly long (.WAV) format... but they should give you a good idea of the greatness that is Quasi. Enjoy.


Ghost Dreaming       When I'm Dead
Ballad of Mechanical Man       Sugar
In the First Place       My Coffin
Bird's Eye View       Mama, Papa, Baby
Two-Faced       Chocolate Rabbit
Ghost vs. Vampire       The Iron Worm
R&B Transmorgrification       Clouds



Quasi's latest album. Even better than their last release. This may even be the best cd of 1998!!

Our Happiness I Guaranteed       California
I Never Want To See You Again       You Fucked Yourself
The Poisoned Well       Ape Self Prevails Me Still
The Happy Prole       PLEASE DO
SEA SHANTY       I Give Up
It's Hard To Turn Me On       Birds
Nothing from Nothing       Repetition
Tomorrow You'll Hide       Only Success Can Fail Me Now


Here are some cool live pics from a show in Marseille, Nov. 15th 1998, courtesy of

click here to go to his site and see more of his pics

Janet Drumming .........Quasi......... Sam Playing

Here's a flyer from a show at the Breakroom last year. I edited the photo of (Janet??) just in case impressionable, young eyes wander onto this page. :)

If anyone out there has any comments, flyers, or live shots of Quasi they would like included here.... please write to me. I'd love to get comments and contributions.


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